5 Benefits of Studying in Regional Australia


If you are thinking to study in Australia or planning to extend your current student visa, you may consider as a part of your migration strategy to complete your course in an area considered Regional Area for migration purpose.

There are several education providers – colleges and universities – located in these regional areas. Local councils and the federal government work directly with the community to ensure that students and other migrants have the infrastructure required to provide a welcome environment.

Besides the additional of 5 points for those looking to follow the Skilled Migration pathways, local professionals may increase this opportunity for a direct permanent residency pathway through local business support.


5 Benefits of Studying in Regional Area of Australia

1. Lifestyle

Regional cities provide a relaxing lifestyle. Many cities located in the regional cities are very cosmopolitan, with similar leisure pursuits and facilities to what you would find in the capital cities.

Think about health care, cinemas, sporting venues, restaurants, cafes, bars, and shopping, so you can be sure to find everything you need. 

2. Specialty Course

Campuses in regional cities offer a wide range of disciplines tailored to the strengths of the local area. You might find that campus in Adelaide’s Barossa Valley offers a specialty winemaking degree.

A campus in Far North Queensland features a range of tropical studies or that campus on the New South Wales coast specializes in marine biology. All these efforts so the student can fulfill local positions and meet the employment demand.

3. The Community Feel

You will find that regional university campuses are smaller, which usually means that there is a real community feel and that it is easier to meet and get to know people.

At a regional campus, it is a lot harder to get lost in the crowd, and it is likely that you will feel very welcomed, meaning that you can expect to settle into your new study and living environment in no time.

4. The REAL Australia

Australia is famous around the world for the beauty of its natural environment. Regional campuses are the best places to explore Australia’s natural environment out of the city.

You will have a chance to get to know the country and take up the amazing lifestyle opportunities that it offers.

5. Migration Opportunities

If you are thinking about applying for permanent residency in Australia once your studies are over, living and studying in a regional area will give you a distinct advantage. 


Andre Albuquerque is an Immigration Attorney in Australia helping businesses and people to achieve their dreams and goals with over a decade of professional experience.

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