Temporary Activity Visa (subclass 408)

If you’re looking for a tailored visa solution that aligns with your specific activities, the Temporary Activity subclass 408 visa offers you the flexibility to participate in various short-term endeavors.

temporary activity visa subclass 408

Understanding the Temporary Activity Visa subclass 408:

The Temporary Activity Visa subclass 408 is a versatile visa category designed to accommodate a wide range of short-term activities in Australia.

It caters to individuals participating in specific events, research projects, cultural exchange programs, and more.

Whether you’re an artist, researcher, athlete, or professional, this visa provides a pathway to engage in temporary activities and contribute your skills to the Australian community.

Key Points About Temporary Activity Visa subclass 408:

Varied Activities:

The subclass 408 visa covers a diverse array of activities, including sports events, entertainment productions, religious work, research projects, and special programs like the Seasonal Worker Program and Superyacht Crew.

Duration and Conditions:

The visa duration and conditions vary based on the specific activity being undertaken. Some activities may allow for short-term stays, while others may extend over a more extended period.


Sponsored activities require an Australian organization or individual to act as a sponsor.

Health and Character Requirements:

Applicants must meet health and character requirements, including medical examinations and police checks, to be eligible for the subclass 408 visa.

Application Process

Activity Identification:

Identify the specific activity you will be participating in and gather all relevant details, including the duration, purpose, and sponsor information if applicable.

Application Submission:

Lodge your subclass 408 Temporary Activity visa application online, providing comprehensive information about the activity, your qualifications, and supporting documents.

Visa Grant:

Upon approval, you will receive the subclass 408 visa, allowing you to engage in the temporary activity in Australia as specified in your application.

Contact us today, and let’s navigate the path to your temporary endeavors through the Temporary Activity Visa subclass 408.

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